a journal of my creative obsessions and my ever elusive artistic muse


New Logo Design

Hey everyone! I have been re-working and re-vamping my logo and thought I would post it. The concept for my branding has always been about old glamour.  I am a lover of everything baroque and victorian and wanted to add that beauty to my logo. Although I am focused on getting my dollhouse miniature store online at the moment I do have plans for offering a line of porcelain ball jointed dolls in dollhouse 1:12 scale. Because of this I used my first doll sketch as the basis for this logo. Hopefully the line will be available at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. It is a long and complicated process, but it has been a goal of mine since I was a child and I can't wait to get started on it.

Anyhoo, hope you enjoy my work and thanks for visiting my page!


Miniature Collector Magazine

So I just found out that I was published in Miniature Collector Magazine April 2016. It has always been a dream of mind to have my work published,  I am so elated right now and wanted to share the great news. I am in a little feature article in the magazine about my recent membership into the International Guild of Miniature Artists for 2015. I am feeling so privileged to be mentioned with such talented artists and having this happen has really fueled my desire to try to become the best miniaturist I can possibly be. I have been a dabbler in this art field for a couple of years now and I am really starting to feel that this is what I want to focus most of my time and energy into. Don't get me wrong, I am a creator at heart and love all art forms, painting, sculpting, stained glass, baking, you name it and I want to learn it, but I definitely feel a distinctive pull in my heart to focus mainly on making tiny objects and art. I also just wanted to thank my family and friends for all of their support and kind words and dealing with my craziness when I pull all nighters in a caffeine induced stupor. I am so excited about all of the new acquaintances and amazing artists I have met through IGMA and their kind words and input about my work, and a special thanks to Stan Harrison the Editor of Miniature Collector Magazine for such an amazing opportunity. Thanks everyone you are the best!!!