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1/12 scale Dollhouse Miniature Cupcakes

I think I might have finally mastered the cupcake! It took two whole days of trial and error to get the coloring and exact size right, but I think it is going to be well worth it!!! I can't wait to frost these little guys!

I hope you love them!!!!


Halloween Cookies!!

I have been a busy bee and have made so super cute Halloween cookies in 1:12 scale for a special dollhouse. I hope you love them as much as I loved making them! I made them in normal frosting and glitter sugar!


1:12 Scale Porcelain Ball-Jointed Doll Progress Report

I have been working on my first ever ball-jointed porcelain doll in my free time for a couple of months now and have finally taken some pictures of its progress. Making a porcelain bjd has definitely been a challenge. Working in such a small scale can be frustrating but I am happy to say that I am coming to love it and it has become a somewhat pleasurable experience, besides the torturous aspects off it.

These are some main steps in casting a porcelain bjd:

1. making a model out of clay

2. create a plaster mold out of clay model

3. pour wax into the mold to create wax model

4. touch up wax model

3. then you have to cast a second master mold out of plaster using the wax model

6. finally pour in porcelain slip in master mold to make the actual doll

7. a million more steps to create the actual doll

This of course is an overly simplified version of it, there are way to many steps for me to list right now but all and all it is extremely time consuming to say the least. 

I am almost done with phase one, and to be honest, I thought I was actually done, but after taking these pictures it seems there is more work to do. Can you guess what it is? My little feet are too big, my thighs aren't long enough, and as sad and in denial as I am about this I need to make a new torso this one is too voluptuous, if that is even possible. Maybe if I had the foresight to actually sketch proportions out instead of winging it this wouldn't have happened. AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!! I also need a better macro lens for this miniature stuff because the stock lens on my nikon camera isn't cutting it. Oh well, I guess it is back to the drawing board... :(

Miniature Wooden Tables and Metal Cake Stands

I made a couple of cute little wooden tables today! I have also been experimenting with creating little 1:12 scale metal cake stands. Now all they need is some miniature dollhouse cupcakes and maybe a mini posh halloween cake for the coming holiday!


Miniature French Macaroon Boxes

I am finally starting to figure out how to use this new digital camera I purchased, and can honestly say that I need a lot of practice. I have never seen so many different features and technical aspects on a digital camera before, but then again, the last digital camera I owned was about 8 years ago. I am also sorry to say that it met its demise on a kayaking adventure after owning it for about a month. Taking an expensive camera onto a substandard water vessel was probably not the greatest idea I have ever had, but in my defense I  took precautions and had it sealed in a waterproof container which was in my knapsack, which then proceeded to sink to the bottom when I flipped my kayak... Hard lesson learned, but I am proud to say I will never do that again! And now eight years later I am a semi more responsible adult  who is currently obsessed with making these silly little one-inch scale french macaroon boxes. It started with one and ended up procreating to a whole little village.

I can't wait to fill these with cute little tiny french macaroons!
I think that I am going to add cute little pastry shop logos on the tops or maybe cut a viewing window so many decisions and possibilities I can't decide!