a journal of my creative obsessions and my ever elusive artistic muse

artist statement

I have always loved small, delicate, and beautiful objects. When I was a child I would dream of creating the daintiest of treats for all of my dolls, I would imagine large masquerade balls filled with amazing and decadent food and exotic people wearing elaborate and elegant costuming. This fantasizing has followed me into adulthood and has led to my current obsession with trying to create small and detailed objects. How else am I supposed to create the fantastical worlds that swirl in my mind? Creating miniatures is the logical response to my increasing need for escapism from the monotony that sometimes creeps in with everyday life. Making miniature food actually sparked my desire to go to school for baking and pastry because I wanted to finally learn how to create some of the amazing European desserts I was researching when I started dabbling in miniature art. Now that my first semester is over I feel as if I have increased my knowledge of techniques used in actual dessert making and I am looking forward to this affecting my art in a positive way.

My artistic process usually starts with cookbooks and researching different types of food and then trying to replicate it as closely as possible to the real thing. I use a variety of materials including sand, epoxy resins, air-dry clay, polymer clay, various paints, molding material, and of course my ever elusive pal “patience”.

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