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Itsy Bitsy Letter 1:12

Being apart from someone you love is always difficult, but I thought I might use this opportunity to try my hand at writing a tiny love letter to my wonderful boyfriend, since distance is keeping us apart. It was a lot of fun to make and a labor of love. For me the most challenging part was the tiny painted watercolor stamp and trying to organize and tie together my hair lock. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved making it, and hopefully he will smile when he opens it too! <3


Hello Blogosphere!

I have finally taken the much needed, hypothetical "jump off the bridge" and have been initiated into the world of the blogger where everyone can bask in my horrible writing skills and also get a peek into my silly, crazy, sometimes dark and scary, but most likely just ridiculous thoughts and artistic expressions. Alas, regular journaling just isn't cutting it anymore and I need some feedback as well as a more organized way to analyze and explore the creative dance party that is constantly stomping in my brain. So... try to bare with me and my ramblings, continuous run on sentences, and use of made up words. Who knows, maybe this web experience can be funner than, well, waiting for the bus...unless its the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro then I'm definitely in trouble because who wouldn't want to ride on a bus that's a cat with twelve legs?  Seriously, so much fun.

Hayao Miyazaki is a genius all of my favorite animations are directed by him.

OK, down to business... current projects I am working on include but are not limited to:

Hopefully I can get these projects finished in the next few weeks, some of them are nearing stages of completion and I will post them soon.

I can't wait to work on them they are going to be soooo much fun!!!!


1:144 scale dollhouse

Hey everyone, I have been steadily working on finishing my first tiny dollhouse and am happy to say it is finally finished! Well, almost finished, I still want to add some teeny tiny furniture to my teeny tiny house. It was a challenge but a fun one. I did a bunch of modifications to the kit to customize it to my taste and it was an amazing learning experience and a test of my patience. Working with such thin wood to add trim around the doors and windows was an interesting adventure. Next time I am going to try the thin plastic used by miniature train enthusiasts instead to get more defined and precise cutting. A few of my favorite things are the faux stained glass windows, the spanish style roof, and the working chandelier. Figuring out a way to wire that tiny grain bulb was an immense trial and error, but I finally was able to hide the wiring and the battery source in the peak of the roof. Although I absolutely loved this project I am glad that it is over, at least the construction building part... I think it is going to be a little while for me to get up the enthusiasm for working in this scale again, so I am taking a vacation and going back to 1:12th scale for now. Thanks for letting me share my little house and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

I love all of the tiny hairline cracking in the paint, I was trying to achieve a well worn but revamped look to the doll's dollhouse.

I love the faux stained glass windows and can't wait to add some flower boxes to the other windows!

Unfortunately, I am having a very hard time shooting a photo of the interior. My lens isn't able to focus on something this small and this picture really doesn't do it any justice. I am hoping to try and learn more about miniature photography and eventually be able to take a better interior photo.

This is a low resolution photo of the tiny chandelier on, I wish you could all see it in person because it is so cute!